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The Premier Consulting Firm for All Your Cybersecurity and Information Technology Needs.

Focusing on cybersecurity solutions tailored for educational institutions, Aeneas Technologies excels in the design, construction, implementation, and management of systems crucial for keeping schools secure in our tech-driven world. With proficiency in cloud-hosting, business continuity, compliance, physical and virtual environments, security systems, and more, we're dedicated to safeguarding your school's digital landscape and taking your institution to the next level.

See what we can offer your school district today!

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Let Us Protect You

We have over 75 years of experience in education and our staff includes ethical hackers.


Tech alone can’t deter motivated hackers. You need to be backed by Aentech’s human intelligence


Boost your security by addressing vulnerabilities through our training and security features.


Safeguard your network with our personalized 24/7 security monitoring and detection services.


  • Multi-Vector Monitoring

  • EDR AV

  • Phishing

  • Backup

  • MFA

  • SOC

  • Dark Web Monitoring

  • Consulting Services

  • Vulnerability Management
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • Virtualize Servers

  • eSports

  • Professional Development

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We aim to provide a comprehensive solution that not only resolves immediate challenges but also establishes a foundation for long-term success. With a dedicated team, we stand ready to provide the support and expertise necessary to ensure seamless operations. 

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Don't let one person's click on a harmful link disrupt your school.

With Aeneas Technologies you will have peace of mind knowing we are watching your network 24/7.

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